Stainless steel tanks are available in standard sizes from 50 liters to 30,000 liters of storage capacity. On request we can also supply tanks of larger sizes, equipped according to each customer's needs. A wide selection of additional equipment (temperature control equipment, duplex cooling stainless steel valves, stainless steel flaps, feet, stirrers, inlets, cooling plates, etc.) will allow each winegrower to meet his needs. Adjustment of tanks according to cellar size parameters. Legs from 270 to 330mm, straight or conical bottom, 1 "or 5/4" drain valve (up to 300 l 1/2 "valve), 3/8" brooming valve, floating lid, silicone inner tube, stainless steel pump with pressure gauge, dustproof lid, floating lid arm (from 1500 l).

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