Who do we produce for?

Our company has a wide range of industry. Our products will help and improve production in various industries, be it beer producers, wine producers, food production, pharmaceutical production or chemical production.

  • For breweries

    Cylindroconic tanks are conical bottom pressure vessels used in the production of top fermented beers and specialty.

    Duplexes are lager tanks and in breweries are used to ferment and lay down beer. They are unique especially for lager fermentation.

    The classic draft and lager tank serve on the lying beers and then serve on draft beer. It is placed in the refrigerated compartment and is not insulated.

    We have equipped over 80 breweries with these products.

  • For winemakers

    Our production can comprehensively cover the needs and requirements of winemakers by producing storage tanks, maceration tanks, vinifiers, sludge tanks, fermentation tanks, hoppers, collection wagons.

  • For the food industry

    For the food industry, we are able to produce stainless steel tanks according to customer requirements, which are also equipped with stirrers, heating, cooling. These tanks are normally produced for chocolate factories, bakeries and sugar factories.

  • For the chemical industry

    For the chemical industry we are also able to produce stainless steel tanks made of special stainless steel, which are usable for processing and storage of chemicals.

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